Uitnei Chamusso On Embracing Your Journey And Story.

"Don't get stuck into one vision and one idea - there is so much stuff you can do, and there is so much stuff you can explore."

In today's Happy Like Buddha Podcast, Adewale is joined by the Creative Director at Wumburi, a clothing brand that promotes & empowers African culture. She is also a Manager at Flowgroup Moçambique. A company that specialises in Organization Culture, Leadership, and Training and Development. We are thrilled to welcome Uitnei Chamusso to the Happy Like Buddha Podcast.

In this interview, Adewale Adejumo and Uitnei talk about the way her time in Japan influenced her and the action steps to make her vision a reality. Being one of many creatives that have ideas and designs. Listen to what Uitnei did differently to get to the level of being featured on International Channels like CNN. 

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