Poloko Mmakgolane On How It Is Your Responsibilty To Make A Difference

In today's Happy Like Buddha Podcast, Adewale is joined by the author of "HOW CAN I MAKE A DIFFERENCE?" and content creator. We are thrilled to welcome Poloko Mmakgolane to the Happy Like Buddha Podcast.

In this interview, Adewale Adejumo and Poloko Mmakgolane take a dive deep into:

  • Responsibility.
  • How you can make a difference.
  • How those who have more, have a responsibility to do more.
  • Talked about individuals with high power and influence.
  • How all of us have a responsibility to pull our weight in some kind of way.

If you would like to get your hands on Poloko Mmakgolane's book, you can order through his website at polokommakgolane.com/shop. You can also find Poloko Mmakgolane on Social Media at the following link. Poloko Mmakgolane Socials.

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